HPE Datacenter Care


HPE Datacenter Care is a personalized, flexible, and cost-e­ffective, relationship-based approach to data center support and operations. It provides you with the resources and care you need to make the most of your IT environment and evolve to hybrid IT—a service tailored to meet your business needs.

Reduce costs and focus your resources on technology initiatives that contribute direct value to your business with Datacenter Care. Gain more benefits by adding HPE DC – OSS. Offload routine IT tasks with these services, which complement HPE’s best practices for operating on-premises or in the cloud by delivering 24×7 remote infrastructure monitoring and management services as an integrated part of your support experience.



  • Move to your preferred style of hybrid IT, with advisory expertise to evolve safely
  • Rely on Hewlett Packard Enterprise for routine tasks and free up resource for innovation
  • Automate the infrastructure, with support for DevOps
  • Improve IT stability and faster time-to-resolution with an assigned account team
  • Include multivendor support—same as Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Connect to Hewlett Packard Enterprise to prevent outages before they happen
  • Avoid business outages with support for critical workloads
  • Receive support aligned to your business needs, to the way that you operate
  • Help to optimize IT operations


Simplify Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT promises agility and savings but its implementation can be challenging. HPE Datacentre Care offers a solution based on your unique business requirements and use cases. We streamline Hybrid IT through a personalised service solution that includes operational “building blocks” like proactive service, infrastructure automation and pay-as-you-go capacity. Achieve new levels of hybrid IT security, control, governance and choice.

Manage Multiple Vendors With One Contact

Many different technologies are likely running in your data centre and cloud instances. You seek cost-effective IT operations management, improved speed and agility. HPE Datacentre Care gives you the ability to manage multi vendor IT through a single proactive IT support relationship and a single point of contact. Whether it’s a heterogeneous server farm or storage that relies on more than one disk manufacturer, HPE keeps you in control with efficient vendor management.

Liberate Your Resources for Innovation

HPE Datacentre Care helps your IT department become an agent of disruptive innovation by giving you new options for staff and resource allocation. Reset the balance between “keeping the lights on” and strategic, innovative work that drives business outcomes. Achieve faster time to value, enable more developer friendly IT and scale without worrying about capacity. Avoid external disruptions, too. Strategically leverage trends that might otherwise distract you from your goals.


HPE Pointnext is built on three types of services. Our Advisory and Transformation Services is at the forefront, designing customers’ transformation journey and building a roadmap tailored to their unique challenges. Our Professional Services specializes in flawless and on-time implementation, on-budget execution and creative configurations for software and hardware. And finally, our Operational Services will offer new ways to deliver IT by managing and optimizing on-premises and cloud workloads, resources and capacity.

  • Operational Support Services

    IT support services for optimising your on-premises and cloud workloads, resources and capacity.

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  • Advisory & Transformation Services

    Design the transformation and help build a roadmap tuned to your unique challenges.

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  • Professional Services

    Digital transformation and management of change services that help accelerate time to value across the enterprise.

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