HPE Platform Consulting


To adapt to modern business requirements, you must determine the best method to provision your digital platform services and the right mix between your own datacentre environment and outside services. The customer experience should drive the structuring of an organisation’s digital supply chain. Our platform services consulting capabilities will help you to address the digital transformation of on-premises service provision.

Services extend beyond strategy and design to also include flawless and on-time implementation, on-budget execution, and creative configurations that get the most out of your platform investment.


Platform Consulting

Develop and deliver an IT infrastructure strategy and roadmap to right size your needs, distribute to the edge, and integrate external service providers. Our expert consultants can help you determine how to right-size the number of owned data centers to strategically match the shift in your unique IT supply chain towards subscription services that will be consumed in future. Within this transformation programme we break out aspects of transformation such as modernisation, migration, security, and management and automation, and guide you in each step of the way to delivering your transformation towards a software defined infrastructure.

The emerging digital experience offers new options in the supply chain of IT. The critical question you may be trying to answer to improve your operational efficiency and agility is whether or not your digital services will be provisioned from your own datacentre environments or consumed and brokered from elsewhere. Consuming services from elsewhere connects you to many options – from specific in-market service providers to global public cloud providers. Right sizing your future data centre needs requires a detailed approach. Regardless of whether you provision yourself or broker in from elsewhere – your digital experience will still be driven by how you optimise and integrate this broader IT supply chain.

Undertake the necessary infrastructure renovation and implement modernised digital platforms. We will help you to adopt software-defined and private-cloud-based architectures using converged, hyper-converged, and composable infrastructure platforms. Our workshops, business-case and roadmap services set the foundation and strategy for your modernisation journey. We take a holistic approach for transformation initiatives by engaging your key stakeholders both from business and IT to deliver agility, transparency, and optimisation of your investment.

Transform mission critical and legacy workloads to open industry standard environments, and accelerate value. Your platform migration could have multiple start points: cost containment, improving speed, moving from legacy, or restricted ability to support app growth and development. Our proven migration methodology will help you provide the right application architecture for the target hybrid-IT strategy whatever your starting point is.

Secure your Hybrid IT environments to protect critical digital assets, detect and respond to attacks, and recover quickly. Protection must be built into the fabric of the digital ecosystem. Secure your on and off-premises IT service delivery platforms, enable adherence to standards and compliance, and optimise IT continuity management for resiliency. Our consultants will help align IT security to business and IT goals, risk appetite, and maturity. Our solution designs, based on security and assurance building blocks integrated into hybrid IT environments, are implemented using industry-recognised best practice methodologies.

Deliver continuous improvement in process and software-defined automation that accelerates your service delivery experience. We will help you remove or bridge operational silos to provide a complete, integrated IT management solution. Our platform services consultants provides expertise needed to create workflows, automation routines, configuration templates, and scripts to orchestrate and automate how IT infrastructure is set up, configured, and made available to satisfy the needs of your business application workloads.