Smart Policing


RapidCop is designed to empower citizens when it comes to incident reporting, helping our law enforcement departments maintain a crime-free society. It comes with a packet of persuasive characteristics to help citizens find instant help whenever they require.

RapidCop is an all-in-one app for police professionals to document incidents with two way communication between the dispatch center and officers in the field. The police department will have several options for the crime information submitted in the reports, including adding a photo or video to a report, providing more valuable data for the officers. This is what we call as “TRUE IoT”. Real time tracking acts as a deterrent and prevents unwanted incidents.



  • Control and Command Center Application
    Real-time two-way communication between the dispatch center and officers in the field is possible with RapidCop. Control room can monitor and track the incidents, scene of crime in real-time and direct the field personnel as per the requirements.
  • Remote Monitoring & Control
    Reported incidents areas, crime scenes, and other emergency situations can be tracked monitored remotely through the fixed security cameras, body cameras, and the cameras positioned on the police vehicles. The real-time camera feeds will help the control room to assess the situation correctly and respond in real-time. The computer aided dispatch system locates the nearest police vehicles and can be sent to the reported location in the shortest possible time.
  • Department Monitoring & Control
    RapidCop brings in efficiency, transparency, and accountability to department operations. The police vehicles can be monitored through Geo-Fencing, Live Tracking, Vehicle history, Over speed reports, tamper alerts etc. RapidCop also brings in transparency in the inter-departmental complaint management & communication, and improves the efficiency in administration.
  • Intelligent Analytics
    The real-time analytics has in-built Artificial Intelligence and Big Data functionalities and the reports are generated in real-time. The stakeholders can access the reports via web & mobile applications.