Smart Vehicle Tracking System


TrakItNow’s Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) is designed to help transportation companies or individual owners to effectively manage their fleets with focus on safety, security and preventive maintenance. Our plug and play products and platforms will be deployable in minutes and makes it easy for you to track your vehicle location and provide diagnostic information in real time to improve your services and minimize overhead costs.



  • Vehicle Owners
    The vehicle owners can track the location and movement of the vehicle in real-time. The owners can control the vehicle remotely and immobilize the vehicle when needed.
  • Health Monitoring
    Access to historical reports on the health and performance of engine and other critical parts. Receive suggestions for proactive maintenance.
  • Driver Monitoring
    Get real-time reports on driving patterns, mileage etc. Receive alerts in case of rash driving, over speeding, break-down or an accident. Get notified when the vehicle deviates a predefined route or leaves the geo-fenced area.
  • Fleet Management
    VTS can inform the end-customers the likely reporting / delivery time and the delays due to break-downs etc.
  • OEM
    Vehicle manufacturers will get on-field vehicle performance information. The vehicle intelligence becomes a crucial input for future research and development activities. Targeted vehicle recalls are possible with VTS.