IoT with TrakItNow


Intensity Global Technologies Private Limited is proud to partner with the IoT company – TrakitNow. The solutions provided by the company focus on public health, public safety and connected vehicles. We believe technology should help people remain healthy, safe, and efficient as people go about with their day to day personal or professional lives. We realized that we can be an unique player partnering with TrakitNow in the market as we provide IoT Devices, IoT Platform and Applications.



  • International automotive OEM standard device. Robust requirements for water, dust, bump, vibration etc
  • CAN module in the device for health
  • Analytics for dealers & manufacturers
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) implementation on the device

Design Approach

  • Proprietary modular design for the device
  • Modules like GPS, GPRS, CAN, Beacon, RFID, WiFi can be plugged in at assembly
  • Device configurable and assembled as per customer requirements
  • Modular design helps to reduce product design and development costs